These days, the idea of pie as a breakfast food is mostly an idea from a bygone era. In some areas of New England, however, the tradition hangs on…and perhaps this is due in some part to the most elegant of the breakfast pie recipes: apple pie with sharp cheddar cheese served with a great cup of coffee.

Apple pie with sharp cheddar is a great way to curb spring fever or initiate house guests to classic New England home cooking. Consider checking out the following the next time you’re at The Coop:

Champlain Apple Pies—Available in both double crust and crumble top. Located in the Local Products cooler by our bulk department, these pies will be great with a thick slice of extra-sharp cheddar. 

Vermont Coffee Co. Medium or Dark Roast—Both have a nice, smooth flavor, and a cup of either will make an excellent accompaniment. 

Our cheese department has some great choices when it comes to sharp cheddar. The Seriously Sharp Cheddar from Cabot is a tried and true favorite, and the 2-Year-Old Sharp from Shelburne Farms packs a wallop. 

Choose some apples from our produce department to make your pie. Baking your pie at home allows you to experiment with spreading grated cheese on the apple filling or mixing it with the crust itself. A quick internet search yields a good selection of variations on these ideas.


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