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Member-Owners Gather at the Annual Meeting in Early November

Council Resources and Documents

Ends Policies

The Co-op Council governs by a system of policy setting and monitoring called Policy Governance. The Ends Policies state the Co-op’s purpose and they define what our organization must achieve in order to be successful and in line with our Mission. The Council reviews its policies according to an annual calendar and monitors compliance with its policies through reports prepared by the General Manager.


Hunger Mountain Co-op Ends Policies

Current Ends Report


Co-op Plans

The Co-op creates plans in order to help us identify strategies for accomplishing our Mission and Ends Policies. In 2011, a Ten-Year Vision was crafted with extensive input from member-owners, customers, employees and vendors. Each year Co-op management also creates and Annual Business Plan according to Council planning policies.


Ten-Year Vision and Plan



Hunger Mountain Co-op's Bylaws generally provide guidelines for meetings, elections of the Co-op Council, filling vacancies, notices, types and duties of officers, committees, assessments and other routine conduct. Bylaws are, in effect, a contract among our member-owners, and must be formally adopted and/or amended, a process that typically happens at our Annual Meeting in November. Notice of the proposed changes to the Bylaws are given to our member-owners in writing at least fourteen (14) days prior to the meeting. 


Hunger Mountain Co-op Bylaws


Articles of Incorporation 

2001 Hunger Mountain Co-op Articles of Incorporation 


Meeting Information

The Co-op Council meets once a month in our Co-op Community Room and the meetings are open to all member-owners. We encourage member-owners to get involved in shaping the direction of their Co-op by providing feedback to their elected Co-op Council members and by participating in Co-op Council meetings.


Upcoming Meeting Agenda

Minutes from our Recent Council meetings.


Annual Meeting

The Hunger Mountain Co-op Annual Meeting is free, fun, and open to all Member-Owners! The meeting typically lasts a few hours, and includes a delicious dinner provided by the Hunger Mountain Co-op Deli. Childcare is also provided free of charge. The Annual Meeting is a great gathering and a perfect opportunity to meet other member-owners in our community and offer your voice to discussions that help shape the future of our Co-op. Annual Meeting packets are mailed out to member-owners prior to the meeting, and include all the details and happenings of the day.


2016 Annual Meeting Program


Policy Governance

Like many food cooperative boards these days, The Co-op Council employs the model of Policy Governance®. This model of leadership results in a great deal of clarity in terms of roles and responsibilities, with the Council spending little of its time making operational decisions. Rather, the Council focuses its attention on connecting with member-owners, establishing strategic direction for our co-op, evaluating management performance, and developing policies that help to steer the Co-op toward our Mission. Management reports to the Council in monthly written monitoring reports to assure that the Co-op is compliant with the governing policies. Council meetings are open to anyone who would like to learn more.


Hunger Mountain Co-op Council Governing Policies 

John Carver’s model of Policy Governance®

Cooperative Grocer Article on Policy Governance®

Running for Co-op Council

Co-op Council members are actively involved in shaping the direction of our co-op. As a Council member you will have the opportunity to learn more about the Co-op while offering your leadership skills and focusing on long-range, Big Picture ideas. You’ll work with other talented and energetic individuals and be able to make a lasting contribution to Hunger Mountain Co-op. Council members (and their partners) also receive a 10% discount off most Co-op purchases.

Council Candidate Information Guide

Council Election Application

Current Council Members


Recent Council Packet

Review the following documents for the Council Election Application


Agenda for June council meeting

May council meeting minutes

2017 member-owner equity growth

General manager report for June

Monitoring report for June

Hunger Mountain Cooperative Community Fund memo

Hunger Mountain Co-op business plan for fiscal year 2018

Co-op bylaw presentation

Voting bylaw proposal


Council videos