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Coop Cares 10% Discount

Coop Cares is a Member-Owner benefit intended to make healthy foods and ecologically sound goods more affordable to all members of our community. Through the Coop Cares program, Member-Owners of Hunger Mountain Coop who are current recipients of Food Stamps or who are participating in WIC can benefit from a 10% discount on their eligible purchases for up to 6 months (with the opportunity to reapply).

Who is Eligible?

The Coop Cares 10% discount is available to:

  • Member-Owners in good standing (up to date with equity payments) who are also

  • Recipients of Food Stamps OR WIC (Women, Infants and Children).

How to Enroll

Discount Term and Amount

Member-Owners enrolled in the Coop Cares program will receive a 10% discount for purchases for up to 6 months. Member-Owners who remain eligible after their discount term has expired may reapply. Member-Owners receiving the Coop Cares discount will also be entitled to all other Member-Owner benefits.


Contact Member-Owner Services at 223-8000 ext. 202, or email us if you have questions.